Stamsund International Theatre

Also known asSIT
Organisation typeFestival
Main focusDance, Puppetry, Performance, Theatre, Multidisciplinary art, Musical theatre
WebsiteStamsund Internasjonale Teaterfestival

About Stamsund International Theatre

Stamsund Internasjonale Teater A/S (Stamsund International Theatre) was established in 2001 by Teater NOR. The organisation annually arranges Stamsund International Theatre Festival in May/June, and it also realises smaller and larger contemporary performing arts projects of international character.

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More about Stamsund International Theatre

Stamsund International Theatre Festival was arranged for the first time in 1998, by the foundation Nord-Norsk Teaternettverk (literally: Northern Norwegian Theatre Network). The founders were Hålogaland Theatre, Nordland Theatre, Beaivváš Sámi Našunálateáhter, Lofoten Teater, Hålogaland amatørteaterselskap (HATS) and Nordnorsk Ballettforum. In 2001 Teater NOR established Stamsund Internasjonale Teater (Stamsund International Theatre) as a limited liability company and the festival has been arranged on an annual basis since then.

The festivals main concept is to create a meeting between the traditional fisherman's village Stamsund, the coastal culture and international contemporary art expressions. The festival in particular prioritises exploring and experimental productions and often takes the role of producer in interesting projects.

In addition an aim is to offer reflection over artistic/theoretical subjects, the meeting between art and society and trends and currents in our contemporary times through seminars, workshops and conferences.

The festival aspires to be a meeting place for the Northern Norwegian theatre companies, in which they can see each other's work, exchange experiences and be able to put own work in perspective, in meeting with the festival's international program.

Stamsund has for the time being four theatre venues and in addition old and new industrial localities are opened annually, in which the conditions can be tailored to fit every production. Productions are also performed outdoors, in the nature, in shops etc.

In 2007 Stamsund International Theatre decided to expand its priority of artistic process for children and youth, and that the priority of this group should be equal to the priority of art for adults.

The latter years the festival has collaborated with Nordland Visual Theatre and the company's stage venue FIN Scene, in the way that Nordland Visual Theatre programs its own stage during the festival. Nordland Theatre and Hålogaland Theatre annually assist by lending out technical equipment.

Source: e-mail from Thorbjørn Gabrielsen, 10.11.2010