The Puppetry Company Kattas Figurteater Ensemble

The Puppetry Company Kattas Figurteater Ensemble has established in Tønsberg, is managed by Anne Margrethe Helgesen and has produced a number of productions for children, youth and adults. The company also arranges classes and can act as a theatre consultant at different levels.


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Object type Organization
Also known as Kattas Figurteater Ensemble, Kattas and formerly Katta i Sekken
Organization type Artist company
Main focus Puppetry, Children and youths
Established 1990
Website Kattas Figurteater Ensemble
Expressions Puppetry

Contact information

Address Adlersgate 31, 3116 Tønsberg, Norway
Telefon 4797080265

Other information

Legal entity Other
Org nr. 892 560 382
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA

The autumn of 2008 The Puppetry Company Kattas Figurteater Ensemble moved into the venue Papirhuset Teater. Kattas functions as a network and an employer for a core company of between five and ten independent artists. The company wishes to create a creative performing arts community at a regional and national level, aiming to connect with artists, pedagogues, amateurs and spectators of all age groups.

The Puppetry Company Kattas Figurteater Ensemble formerly was called Katta i Sekken, and it was started in Bodø in 1990.

Source: Kattas Figurteater Ensemble,


Contributors (5)
Anne Helgesen – Artistic director
Simone Thiis – Stage Artist
Ragni Halle – Actor
Tessa Lepistö – Actor
Adam Bartley – Stage designer