Statement of Privacy

This statement of privacy outlines our handling of personal data in use of the Performing Arts Hub Norway service and in contact with us by letter, telephone, e-mail, or in person.

Who are we?
The Sceneweb archive is owned and managed by Performing Arts Hub Norway, a private foundation supported by The Norwegian Ministry of Culture and The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The foundation aims to be a national competence centre promoting professional performing arts, at a national and international level, with emphasis on independent performing arts. The Sceneweb archive is a national digital archive for Norwegian professional performing arts. The content of the database is available through the

Legal obligations
Performing Arts Hub Norway stands responsible for its handling of personal data. In legal terms, this refers to the responsibility for determining the purposes of the handling of personal data and the means used in this handling. Performing Arts Hub Norway is responsible for ensuring that the treatment of personal data meets legal obligations. In the following, you may see where the responsibility is delegated. This delegation only concerns the actual tasks, not the responsibility.

Rights and conditions
The Sceneweb archive strives to follow legal regulations for intellectual property and privacy in publishing material covered by law. Please contact us if you discover content you wish removed in accordance with such regulations.

Some of the materials are marked with a free licence or a Creative Commons licence, allowing use of the materials in non-commercial contexts. Please remember that you are still obligated to credit the source and the name of the copyright owner.

All other use requires the express permission of the copyright owner, see the credited source for each object. Wherever a source is not credited, the material is owned by Performing Arts Hub Norway.

Public access to information and sensitive data
Performing Arts Hub Norway is obligated to follow the act relating to public access to documents in the public administration [Freedom of Information Act]. According to this, anyone has the right to access documents created through the contact between us and the public. However, this does not mean that every document is available without reservation, or that anything can be uploaded to the internet. Documents regulated by privacy laws will always be protected against access for all but those granted the right to access by law.

Your contact with the Sceneweb archive
You do not have to register to search in or surf the Sceneweb archive, but Performing Arts Hub Norway's data system management can read the IP address of the device used.

You may contact us in several different ways: By e-mail, telephone, letter, through the website, and in person. Be aware that whatever is written in an e-mail may be read by data thieves. If you use the function«Report errors and emissions», what you write will be stored with your name and e-mail address. There is no set limit to the duration of the storage.

If you are granted digital access to digitised archival material not openly accessible, information about your access will be stored with your name and e-mail address.

The stored personal data will only be accessible to certain staff within Performing Arts Hub Norway and its system provider. We do not share personal data about the individual use of our services.

How long do we store information about you?
In accordance with our assignment from The Norwegian Ministry of Culture, Performing Arts Hub Norway store personal data necessary for in fulfilling our obligations. This means that we are obligated to store personal data for a prolonged period, to be able to report statistics relevant to our work and the government's need for culture statistics.

Analytics tool
Our websites use Google Analytics as third-party script. This analytic tool collects information about how visitors use the website. This information is used to improve the website. We register information about entries visited, where the users are located, when the website is visited, which platforms and devices are most used, and so on.

How is information protected?
All information provided by users is transferred by secure encrypted lines (SSL) to our systems. Personal data are treated in a confidential manner, and your privacy is protected.

Performing Arts Hub Norway's internal control mechanisms secure correct handling and protection of personal data according to legal regulations. The data are handled by different IT systems, all of which adhere to strict requirements for information security and storage. All access to these IT systems is regulated, and the traffic is logged.

Contact us
If you have questions about Performing Arts Hub Norway's statement of privacy, or about the right to access data, data portability or deletion of data, please contact