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Welcome to the Sceneweb archive!

Sceneweb is a national historical archive for Norwegian professional performing arts. The content of the archive is conveyed through the website you are now visiting.

The Sceneweb archive is owned by Performing Arts Hub Norway. The work of collecting archival material, registering it, digitising it, making it available and preserving it, is done in collaboration with The National Library of Norway

The aim is to make the archive easily available for all interested parties, independent of time and place. We wish to contribute to documenting, preserving, and conveying Norwegian cultural heritage, and to increase knowledge of Norwegian performing arts.


The database contains archival material from 1660 until today. Here, you can find information on independent performing arts companies and private and public, national, and regional performing arts institutions. Our vision is that we, one day in the future, will be able to provide a complete overview of works, performers, organisations, venues and awards within Norwegian performing arts, connected to digitised materials such as photos, posters, performance programmes (playbills), articles and videos. As of now, Sceneweb is not such a complete archive. It is continuously expanded with more material, growing into an increasingly rich source of information on Norwegian performing arts.

The material presented at sceneweb.no has been collected from several sources, including The National Library of Norway's collections, performing arts institutions, artists, companies, venues, textbooks, and users of the webpage.

Sceneweb disclaims liability for errors and omissions. You may report errors or omissions using the black button at the right-hand menu, labelled "Report errors and omissions".


The Sceneweb database is object-oriented and developed especially for the hybrid archive forms of performing arts. There are eight main categories within the database: Productions, people, organisations, venues, awards, original works, theatre puppets and multimedia files (including photos, playbills, videos, reviews, and posters).

The database and website were developed by Copyleft Solutions and Orgdot.


All users may contribute to the content of the archive. We much appreciate response and additional information. You may use the report function at the right-hand menu for this, labelled "Report errors and omissions".

Individuals have no access to adding material on their own. Only trained archival staff register material into the database. If you are in possession of material you wish to see registered, please contact the Sceneweb staff. 



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