Theatre Nova

Theatre Nova is a Norwegian theatre company, led by Simone Thiis

Theatre Nova creates theatre based on contemporary texts, attemtping to create productions with a clear, physical and visual expression. In recent years, Theatre Nova has worked with puppets and animation in interaction with live actors, and in collaborations domestically and internationally. Theatre Nova often works based on a chosen theme or actual events, wishing to make a difference.

Theatre Nova is formerly known as Thiis/Aagre Productions and as Thiis Productions.


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Also known as Formerly known as Thiis Productions
Organization type Theatre company
Main focus Theatre, Puppetry, Dance, Multidisciplinary art
Established October 12, 2001
Website Teater Nova, Teater Nova på Facebook
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Address Falkestien 12, 3179 Tønsberg, Norway
Telefon 33073919

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Legal entity Sole Proprietorship/Self-employed business/ENK
Org nr. 983 637 663
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA

Theatre Nova started in 2002 under the name of Thiis/Aagre Productions, with Frøy Aagre (musician and composer) and Simone Thiis (actress and director). Together they produced and performed the production Virginia Woolf – Dønninger av et liv* (Virginia Woolf – Waves from a Life). The script was recently written and the music composed for the production. It became a success, and the start of establishing an independent theatre company mainly based on new scripts with professional artists from the county of Vestfold.

Simone Thiis is artistic leader of the company, and the rest of the ensemble is hired on a per production basis. Theatre Nova is organised as an association with its own board. Until now Theatre Nova has produced the productions Virginia Woolf – Dønninger av et liv* (Virginia Woolf – Waves from a life) by Bjørg Vindsetmo and Hilde og Erhart* (Hilde and Erhart) by Birte Svatun, Absolutt Frida* (Absolutely Frida), a monologue about Frida Kahlo by Fride Lindstøl, Shame on You, a production for youth by Fride Lindstøl and Paradis* (Paradise/Hopscotch) by Elisabeth Beanca Halvorsen.

Theatre Nova wants to make quality theatre for youth, which has a message and is entertaining at the same time. Theatre Nova doesn’t want to be educational, but to develop and perhaps contribute to a discussion about important issues today’s youth care about.

Simone Thiis, artistic director for Theatre Nova, is educated as an actress and instructor from the theatre school in Bergen, Teater Tango in Copenhagen and Akademi Teaterprosjekt in Oslo.


Simone Thiis privatarkiv. Giver: Simone Thiis. 29.04.2014.

Teater Nova,, 29.11.2010,

Own productions (13)
Title Premiere
Den Japanske Hagen – January 21, 2017
Den Japanske Hagen – December 5, 2015
Sammen Alene – October 10, 2014
bALANSe – 2014
Play with guinea fowl – September 7, 2013
Åh, Baby! – Navember 23, 2012
Rotswitha – May 31, 2012
Paradis* (Paradise/Hopscotch) – May 27, 2010
Shame on you – January 22, 2009
Absolutt Frida* (Absolute Frida) – January 31, 2008
Hilde og Erhart* (Hilde and Erhart) – May 27, 2006
Virginia Woolf - dønninger av et liv* (Virginia Woolf – Waves from a Life) – Navember 1, 2002
Contributors (1)
Simone Thiis – Artistic director