The Puppetry Company Dukkenikkerne

Dukkenikkerne was established in Bodø in 1985 and in 1993 the leading force Jack Markussen moved the company to Bergen. The puppetry company Dukkenikkerne has produced more than 30 productions throughout the years and since the start in Bergen the company has had its own workshop in the city centre.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Artist company
Main focus Puppetry
Established 1985
Website Dukkenikkerne, Dukkenikkerne på Norge Rundt, april 2005
Expressions Puppetry

Contact information

Address Østre Murallmenning 2, 5012 Bergen, Norway
Telefon +4755233030

Other information

Legal entity Foundation
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA

Dukkenikkerne has made a number of co operational productions with Nordland Visual Theatre, The National Venue of Theatre in Bergen and Bergen Byspill Theatre Group, among others.

Dukkenikkerne aims to spread good, thought-provoking, entertaining and innovative puppetry for audiences in all age groups. By daily exposing themselves to artistic choices within the actor’s work, script work, stage design, puppet making, costumes etc the members of the group stay in continuous process and development. In addition to the group’s own performances Dukkenikkerne delivers amazing puppets and other figures in all sizes and formats to fellow companies and theatres, and also arranges courses in puppetry.

"Jack Markussen is general manager and artistic director and stands behind performances, scripts, stage designs, costumes and props to Dukkenikkerne’s own productions as well as productions made by other groups and institutions.

A fixed member is Jan Holden, who has been part of the group since 1994, as an actor, puppeteer and technician working on different tasks, lightening among them. Other artists are hired on a per production basis. Actress Gabrielle Barth has been a member since 2003. The artist Monika Solheim has been involved in an unknown number of productions and is hired for sculpting and painting puppets. Marthe Synnevåg has recently moved in to the workshop as a seamstress and costume maker."


Dukkenikkerne,, 07.09.10,

Ludvigsen, Birthe-Lisbeth 2007: "Frie teatergrupper og prosjektteatre i Bergen, 1970-2006 - en kontekstualisert oversikt og beskrivelse"

Co-productions (1)
Title Premiere
Dans, Frans!* (Dance, Frans!)
Contributors (8)
Gabrielle Barth – Actor (fra 2003)
Monika Solheim – Puppet maker
Marte Synnevåg – Costume designer
Jan N.C. Holden – Actor (fra 1994 til 2013)
Gro Tronrud – Puppeteer (fra 1987)
Jack Markussen – Artistic director (fra 1985)
Anne Helgesen – Puppeteer (fra 1985 til 1990)
Heidi Mæland – Puppeteer (fra 1985)