Ariel is a production by The Puppetry Company Kattas Figurteater Ensemble, at the time of the production called Katta i Sekken.

Ariel is about a child born with wings. It poses questions such as these: Who can handle experiencing a wonder? Who can stand another person’s freedom? Ariel is freely based upon a short story by Göran Tunström.


(Objekt ID 1613)
Object type Production
Premiere January 12, 2005
Produced by The Puppetry Company Kattas Figurteater Ensemble
Based on Ariel by Göran Tunström
Audience Adults, Youth (from 13)
Language Norwegian
Keywords Puppetry, Performance for youth
Running period January 12, 2005  —  September 13, 2008
Duration 60 minutes
Website Kattas Figurteater Ensemble

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 7m
Minimum stage depth 10m
Blackout Yes

Ariel by The Puppetry Company Kattas Figurteater Ensemble is a puppetry performance using some video animation. The performance is written for two puppeteers and 12 puppets.

The text builds on the short story by Göran Tunström called Ariel, about the little girl who is born with wings. But the wings are cut off because her parents fear her freedom.

Sources: The Puppetry Company Kattas Figurteater Ensemble,, 22.11.2010

Writers’ Guild of Norway/WGN,, 22.11.2010

Contributors (10)
Name Role
Göran Tunström – Author
Anne Helgesen – Dramatised by
Irina Niculescu – Direction
Terje Johannesen – Music
Patrick Jean-Marie Maire – Stage design
Aslak Helgesen – Animation
Pelle Ask – Puppeteer
Anne Helgesen – Puppeteer
Patrick Jean-Marie Maire – Puppeteer
Patrick Jean-Marie Maire – Puppet maker