Oslo Nye Trikkestallen

Oslo Nye Trikkestallen, a former tram hall, was inaugurated as a new venue for puppetry in 2003. The borough of Sagene/Torshov and the theatre have cooperated in building the theatre venue, technically the most modern stage for puppetry in Europe.

Capacity: 200 spectators.


(Objekt ID 1970)
Object type Venue
Primary connections Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)
Other connections Unima Norges Jubileumsfestival
Website Oslo Nye Teater
Established January 1, 2003

Contact information

Address Torshovgata 33, Oslo, Norway
Country Norway


Oslo Nye Teater, oslonye.no, 07.08.2010, http://www.oslonye.no/om_teatret/vare_scener/