Aslak Trail

The performance Aslak Trail by The Puppetry Company Kattas Figurteater Ensemble builds on almost true stories about the time when Aslak was a kid.

His mother is who tells the stories. She is soon to become a grandmother. Using old drawings and a puppet about half a meter tall, the future grandmother plays her way through her memories of being a mother.


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Object type Production
Premiere February 28, 2010
Produced by The Puppetry Company Kattas Figurteater Ensemble
Audience Children, Families (from 3)
Language Norwegian
Keywords Performance for children, Puppetry
Running period February 28, 2010  
Duration Approximately 45 minutes
Website Kattas Figurteater Ensemble

Requirements to venue

Blackout No

The production Aslak Trail by The Puppetry Company Kattas Figurteater Ensemble is about the good and the hard relationship between children and adults. It is also about how we humans are connected through long, long chains of relatives. We are born into such a connection. But birth is only the first of the big changes of life. Suddenly we become kindergarten children, then school children. We go from being children to having children and becoming parents. When our children have children we become grandparents.

Aslak Trail is about waiting for a new child to be born. The woman in the performance awaits becoming a grandmother, and she wonders what she will have to learn in her new role. She remembers what she had to learn when she became a mother to him who is now about to become a father. She acts out her dearest and hardest memories about the relation between mother and child.

Source: The Puppetry Company Kattas Figurteater Ensemble,, 21.11.2010

Contributors (9)
Name Role
Anne Helgesen – Script
Irina Niculescu – Direction
Aslak Helgesen – Stage design
Anne Helgesen – Actor
Anne Helgesen – Puppeteer
Aslak Helgesen – Puppet maker
Steinar Kaarstein – Puppet maker
Adam Bartley – Props
Aslak Helgesen – Other
Performance dates
February 28, 2010 Worldwide premiere