A Tribute to Radka Toneff

With A Tribute to Radka ToneffNordland Teater made a concert performance. The artists did their own versions of standards from Toneff’s repertoire, plus of songs made by Toneff herself.

Radka Toneff (1952-82) was a Norwegian composer and singer. She wrote most of her own music and met international acclaim for her talents and artistic strength. Towards the end of the 1960es Radka Toneff was part of the Club 7 community in Oslo, and she also had her own quintet with Arild Andersen and Jon Eberson among others.


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Object type Production
Premiere February 16, 2006
Produced by Nordland Theatre
Audience Adults
Audience size 272
Number of events 3
Keywords Concert
Running period February 16, 2006  —  June 7, 2006

Requirements to venue

Blackout No


Stamsund International Theatre Festival, http://www.stamsund-internasjonale.no/, 26.11.2010, http://www.stamsund-internasjonale.no/Old/2006/

Contributors (4)
Name Role
Sissel Brean Hovind – Musician
Marie Liland Kristensen – Musician
Ida Løken Valkeapää – Musician
Hanna Børseth Rønningen – Musician
Performance dates
June 7, 2006Skjærbrygga Show
February 17, 2006 Show
February 16, 2006 Opening night
Festivals (1)