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Baby Universe

Baby Universe (2010) is a production by Wakka Wakka in collaboration with Nordland Visual Theatre.

Gwendolyn Warnock and Kirjan Waage collaborated in writing the script, and in directing the production.

The English-language production has toured large parts of Norway with The Norwegian Touring Theatre, in addition to performances in New York and Copenhagen.


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Object type Production
Premiere September 3, 2010
Produced by Wakka Wakka Productions
Coproducers The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)
In collaboration with Nordland Visual Theatre
Audience Families, Children, Youth, Adults (from 11)
Language English
Expressions Puppetry, Theatre
Running period September 3, 2010  
Website Wakka Wakka Produtions

Stamsund International Theatre Festival calls Baby Universe "a futuristic fairytale about the end of the Earth, inhabited by myriads of robots and cosmic creatures in all sizes".

In the festival program the following, among other things, is written:

"Time is running out for the humans! The sun has become a Red Giant about to swallow our whole universe. Is there a solution for the people - another universe out there?"

Baby Universe by Wakka Wakka was supported by Arts Council Noeway, Nordland Visual Theatre, Princeton Atelier, The Jim Henson Foundation, Spenn, The Audio Visual Fund and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/MFA (travel grant, performing arts).


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Performance dates
May 27, 2012 16:00 – Stage 3 , UNIMA Congress & World Puppetry Festival – Show
Navember 6, 2011 17:00 – Sala Adolfo LLauradó
  • )
, Festival Internacional de Teatro de La Habana – Show
Navember 5, 2011 18:00 – Sala Adolfo LLauradó
  • )
, Festival Internacional de Teatro de La Habana – Show
Navember 4, 2011 18:00 – Sala Adolfo LLauradó
  • )
, Festival Internacional de Teatro de La Habana – Show
September 23, 2011Hovedscena (the main stage) – Show
September 1, 2011 18:00 – Auditorium , Bristol Festival of Puppetry – Show
August 31, 2011 20:00 – Auditorium , Bristol Festival of Puppetry – Show
May 25, 2011 18:00 – Lofoten Trålerrederi , Stamsund Teaterfestival – Show
May 24, 2011 22:00 – Lofoten Trålerrederi , Stamsund Teaterfestival – Show
2011 – Tour Premiere
December 5, 2010Baruch Performing Arts Center – Show
September 3, 2010 20:30 – Store sal – Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

Lillian Bikset, review titled Kampen for tilværelsen (literally: The battle to survive), Dagbladet, 16. januar 2011: http://www.dagbladet.no/2011/01/16/kultur/teater/figurteater/scene/sceneanmeldelse/15076249/:

"Wakka Wakka has the ability to connect the very personal and the most complex in one and the same performance. Their previous production Fabrik discussed Holocaust seen through a tailor from Haugesund; world politics and the individual. In Baby Universe the artists expands the perspective even further: It is about the individual, the community, the world, the universe. The environmental perspective is obvious, included digs at those belittling it. But the story is told in layers and can be interpreted further than that. One can see Baby Universe as a family fable about love as a condition for growth. One can see it as a parable over creative work and the care for one's own labour, or as a community comparison about human conditions under totalitarian regimes Where does the individual's right to freedom stop? How much can the community claim? Baby Universe is not afraid to pose the most fundamental questions, and during an hour of wondering puppetry it even touches the very meaning of life."