Story of O

Story of O was a production made in collaboration between Hollow Creature and Nordland Visual Theatre. The production was based on the novel by Pauline Réage, Story of O.

The production was the last part of Hollow Creature's trilogy In Memoriam to Identity. The trilogy examined the subject of identity related to body, memory and sexuality. The first and second part of the trilogy were the productions Persona (1998) and Great Expectations (1999).


(Objekt ID 1530)
Object type Production
Premiere April 30, 2005
Produced by Hollow Creature
Coproducers Nordland Visual Theatre
Based on The Story of O by Pauline Réage
Audience Adults (from 15)
Language Norwegian
Expressions Puppetry, Theatre
Running period April 30, 2005  —  October 2, 2005

Requirements to venue

Blackout Yes

Story of O by Hollow Creature and Nordland Visual Theatre was inspired by the famous novel by Pauline Réage from 1954.

Hollow Creature represented O through the amputated body of a puppet. The explicit fragility of the puppet emphasises the necessity of going beyond the aesthetic form in exploring sexuality, the cultivated sexuality always defining sex as something "nice and natural", oppressed within the moral code of normality. Story of O explores a different kind of ratio, the ratio of ecstasy, the dizziness we experience encountering the radical Other, the unknown.

Story of O tells the story about a woman who is a fashion photographer in Paris. She falls in love and chooses to live a life without freedom. She joins "a secret society of men and women in the castle Roissy outside of Paris. Here she gradually learns to annihilate her own will and is broken in as a sexual servant for a circle of men. O's process towards self-extermination goes through pain and degradation. But instead of being broken, her process becomes a form of cleansing or uprising, through which she eventually is elevated as a sexual icon."

Hollow Creature and Nordland Visual Theatre direct thanks to the diving centre Aqua Lofoten Dykkesenter for willingly lending out equipment.

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, The Fund for Performing Artists.

Name Role
Pauline Réage – Author
Tinken Laurantzon – Direction
Ulf Knudsen – Music
Gerd Zoe Christiansen – Puppetry Design
Kirsti Ladegaard – Puppetry Design
Boya Bøckman – Video/Film
Ulf Knudsen – Sound design
Boya Bøckman – Lighting design
Kirsti Ladegaard – Actor
Per Arne Løset – Actor
Kirsti Ladegaard – Puppeteer
Per Arne Løset – Puppeteer
Gerd Zoe Christiansen – Puppet maker
Kirsti Ladegaard – Puppet maker
Yasin Gyltepe – Technician
Johnny Yen – Technician
Kirsti Ladegaard – Producer
Performance dates
October 2, 2005The Venue of The Theatre of Cruelty – Preview
October 1, 2005The Venue of The Theatre of Cruelty – Show
September 30, 2005The Venue of The Theatre of Cruelty – Show
September 29, 2005The Venue of The Theatre of Cruelty – Show
May 31, 2005Store sal , Stamsund Teaterfestival – Show
April 30, 2005Store sal – Opening night
Press coverage

Writer and date unknown, Lofotposten:
"Powerful about surrender. Stylish and raw at the same time... So filled with sensuous impressions time runs."

Elisabeth Leinslie, O, 06.10.2005,
"The performers create magic and strong, symbolic images. The puppets are very well made."

Idalou Larsen, date unknown,
"Repulsive puppets."

Writer and date unknown, Harstad Tidende:
"An astonishing experience. The effects seemed incredibly strong."

Writer and date unknown, Rana Blad:
"Raw about surrender. A visual enjoyment flogging its way into your soul."

Writer and date unknown, Troms folkeblad:
"The stage design is masterly solved."

Writer and date unknown, Helgeland blad:
"Cutting-edge theatre. Not for the faint of heart."