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Pickled Image


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Object type Organization
Organization type Theatre company
Main focus Puppetry
Established 2000
Email mail@pickledimage.co.uk
Website Pickled Image

Contact information

Address 45 Carlyle Road, BS5 6HQ Greenbank Bristol, United Kingdom
Email mail@pickledimage.co.uk
Telefon +44 (0)7974 147 521
+44 (0)7816 559 203

Other information

Legal entity Other

The persons behind Pickled Image are Dik Downey and Vicky Andrews, who are both artistic directors for the company. They have produced productions in Stamsund in collaboration with Nordland Visual Theatre.

Vicky Andrews trained as a sculptor, illustrator and theatre designer, and she has produced and designed all of Pickled Image’s shows since 2000. She works as a performer, puppet maker and producer in the company. Dik Downey has performed as a fire-eater, escapologist, clown and puppeteer. He is an experienced designer, puppet maker and puppeteer, and he has also worked as a director at some of the company’s productions.

Sources: Pickled Image, 24.11.2010, http://www.pickledimage.co.uk/index.html

E-mail from Preben Faye-Schjøll 22.09.2010

Own productions (8)
Title Premiere
Yana & the Yeti – May 31, 2020
Yana & the Yeti – March 24, 2017
Coulrophobia – February 2, 2015
The Shop Of Little Horrors – Navember 19, 2014
Coulrophobia – May 27, 2014
Little Edie – August 26, 2011
Hunger – June 2, 2009
Houdini's Suitcase – April 28, 2006
Contributors (2)
Dik Downey – Artistic director (fra 2000)
Vicky Andrews – Artistic director (fra 2000)