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Yana & the Yeti

Yana & the Yeti (2017) was a puppetry production by Pickled Image (England) in collaboration with Nordland Visual Theatre. The script for the production was written by Hattie Naylor in collaboration with the ensemble. The production had its world premiere at Nordland Visual Theatre.

Emma Lloyd directed it.

Yana & the Yeti visited Bergen International Festival in 2019.

A digital version of Yana & the Yeti was released by Bergen International Festival and Pickled Image during the Corona crisis of 2020. You may read more about that here.


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Object type Production
Premiere March 24, 2017
Produced by Pickled Image
Coproducers Nordland Visual Theatre
Audience Children, Families (from 5)
Language Volapük
Keywords Puppetry, Performance for children
Running period March 24, 2017  
Duration Approximately one hour


Figur i Fossekleiva, figurifossekleiva.no, 10.03.2020, http://www.figurifossekleiva.no/new-page-2

Nordland Visual Puppetry's repertoire archive, 13.02.2020

Performance dates
May 2019Lille Scene, The National Stage Show
February 15, 2019Store Sal, Mo Samfunnshus Show
February 14, 2019Store Sal, Mo Samfunnshus Show
October 9, 2018Teatersalen i Fossekleiva kultursenter, Figur i Fossekleiva Show
March 24, 2017Figurteateret i Nordland, Nordland Visual Theatre Worldwide premiere
Festivals (3)
Bergen International Festival May 2019
Vinterlys February 14, 2019
Figur i Fossekleiva October 9, 2018