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Hunger (2009) was a puppetry production by Pickled Image (England) and TinkerTing (Norway) in collaboration with Nordland Visual Theatre, inspired by Knut Hamsun's novel Hunger. The production has been performed on tour in the county of Nordland, plus other places in Norway and England, and it has been performed at festivals such as Stamsund International Theatre Festival, Vinterlysfestivalen, Fri Figur in Oslo, International Istanbul Puppet Theater Festival, UNIMA Congress & World Puppetry Festival, and it has been performed in Russia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal and China.

Dik Downey and Vicky Andrews directed it.

Hunger was a finalist in Gullsekken (literally: The Gold Sack), the counties selection of the best productions of The Cultural Rucksack.


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Object type Production
Premiere June 2, 2009
Produced by TinkerTing, Pickled Image, Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)
Coproducers Nordland Visual Theatre
Based on Hunger by Knut Hamsun
Audience Youth, Adults (from 12)
Keywords Puppetry, Drama
Running period June 2, 2009  
Duration 55 minutes
Website TinkerTing

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 8m
Maximum stage width 6m
Minimum stage depth 6m
Minimum stage height 4m
Blackout Yes
Rigging time 250 minutes
Downrigging time 120 minutes
Other Wardrobes should be in the immediate vicinity of the venue and should preferably have opportunities to shower. The group brings all the equipment (light, sound, cover - everything!), And mount a stage rig (a mobile scenehus or look cabinet) on the stage. The rig consists of LITEC Fx25 latter elements.

In Hunger by TinkerTing and Pickled Image a writer puts himself through a starving experiment, as medication against writer's block. The experiment gets out of hand. The wheels of history grind. An unidentified ship docks in the harbour. And in the body of the writer a worm is eating its way.....

Supported by: Arts Council Norway and The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (travel grant/performing arts).


Nordland Visual Theatre, figurteateret.no, 03.03.2012, http://www.figurteateret.no/Artikkel.aspx?AId=10243&back=1&MId1=612&MId2=&MId3=&

The National Library of Norway, performance program transferred to Sceneweb 31.05.2018

Performance dates
May 17, 2013 14:00 – Lycée Sainte Pulchérie Show
May 17, 2013 20:00 – Lycée Sainte Pulchérie Show
May 30, 2012 16:30 – Jinsha Theatre Show
May 27, 2012 14:00 – Stage 3 Show
March 29, 2012Oslo Nye Trikkestallen, Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre) Show
March 29, 2012Oslo Nye Trikkestallen, Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre) Show
February 18, 2011Black Box, Nordland Teater, Nordland Theatre Show
September 18, 2010 Show
September 17, 2010 Show
September 16, 2010 Show
September 15, 2010 Show
March 2, 2010Black Box, Nordland Teater, Nordland Theatre Show
March 1, 2010Black Box, Nordland Teater, Nordland Theatre Show
March 1, 2010Black Box, Nordland Teater, Nordland Theatre Show
February 28, 2010Black Box, Nordland Teater, Nordland Theatre Show
2010 Show
August 6, 2009Kultursal, Hamsunsenteret Show
June 21, 2009Lillesalen, Harstad Kulturhus Show
June 3, 2009Store sal, Nordland Visual Theatre Show
June 2, 2009Store sal, Nordland Visual Theatre Opening night
Press coverage

Grimstad Adressetidende:

"...Per Arne Løset and Gisle Hass managed the act of making the hungry'writer' look alive. Two arms, one from each of the puppeteers, were perfectly coordinated. (...) Here is a lot of sound, but few words. Still the puppets and the sound manage to convey the content of the piece in an excellent manner."


"The grotesque puppets, splendidly led by the puppeteers Per Arne Løset and Gisle Hass, plus the music and sound effects contribute to genuine insight in how it is to really starve, a phenomenon we barely know in the western world today."


"The promises are kept from the first moment, in which the main character - the starving, failed author - is plagued by nightmares under a lice-infested blanket in a worn-down bed."

The Venue:

"Hunger is a gobsmacker of terrible beauty in which the manipulators become one with the manipulated. (…) This is pure stage magic where the choreographed style of the Eurozone meets the best-of-British puppet labs to create a world-class spectacle. Surely destined to become a classic of the international adult puppetry scene"