The Open Couple

The Open Couple (2010) was a production made in collaboration between Nordland Theatre and The National Theatre of Norway. The play was written by Dario Fo and Franca Rame.


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Object type Production
Premiere May 6, 2010
Produced by Nordland Theatre, The National Theatre
Based on The Open Couple by Dario Fo, Franca Rame
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Chamber play, Drama
Running period May 6, 2010  
Website Nordland Teater kalender, NATIONALTHEATRET ARKIV

The Open Couple by Nordland Theatre and The National Theatre of Norway is a marriage drama written by a married couple. Together Dario Fo and Franca Rame have been a dominating force in Italian and European theatre for decades, characterised by their strong political involvement combined with the will and the ability to entertain.

Free love was the wet dream of the 1968 generation. But how do open marriages practically work?

In collaboration with The National Theatre Nordland Theatre stages The Open Couple with Anne Krigsvoll and Reidar Sørensen. The audience meets a man and a woman who live in an open relationship, but they have gotten to a point where the joints are squeaking. In the opening scene she has locked herself into the bathroom to commit suicide. He stands outside, trying to talk her back to her senses.

Source: Stamsund International Theatre Festival, 15.10.2010

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