Søstrene Pommers Pannekaker

Søstrene Pommers Pannekaker* (The pancakes of the Pommers sisters) is a performance for children by Nordland Theatre.


(Objekt ID 8068)
Object type Production
Premiere March 29, 2008
Produced by Nordland Theatre
Audience Children (from 5)
Audience size 999
Number of events 9
Language Norwegian
Keywords Performance for children, Theatre
Running period March 29, 2008  

In Søstrene Pommers Pannekaker* (The pancakes of the Pommers sisters) the Pommers sisters attempt to teach the children how to make pancakes. There are three sisters. With a Bavarian background the eldest sister tries to be strict and admonishing. It turns out that making pancakes can include both surprises and blunders. But as all good stories, this one ends well.

Source: Stamsund International Theatre Festival, http://www.stamsund-internasjonale.no/, 31.10.2010, http://www.stamsund-internasjonale.no/Old/2008/

Contributors (7)
Name Role
Silje Holtet – Playwright
Silje Holtet – Direction
Sissel Brean Hovind – Composition
Kari Britt Nilsen – Costume design
Silje Holtet – Actor
Hanna Børseth Rønningen – Actor
Sissel Brean Hovind – Performer
Performance dates
June 7, 2008 12:00 – Gimle, Stamsund - Teater NOR Show
June 4, 2008 10:00 – Gimle, Stamsund - Teater NOR Show
March 29, 2008Black Box, Nordland Teater, Nordland Theatre Worldwide premiere
Festivals (1)
Press coverage

"Quick retorts, apt interaction, the good and the evil, catching music and flour and eggs all over the stage can’t go wrong. The children – and the adults – have fun."

Source: Lofotposten, Karin Pettersson, Review titled Moro med pannekaker (literally: Fun with pancakes), 05.06.2008, http://www.lofotposten.no/kultur/article3586924.ece 31.10.2010