New International Encounter

NIE - New International Encounter is a company of international and multilingual collaboration between theatre workers from different European countries and traditions. The core of the group is made up of a collaboration between 20 artists from Norway, Great Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and France. NIE are cooperating with different European theatres, institutions, groups and artists in their projects.


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Object type Organization
Also known as New International Theatre Encounter, NIE
Organization type Artist company, Theatre company
Main focus Multidisciplinary art, Theatre, International work, Musical theatre
Established 2001
Website NIE: New International Encounter: Visual Theatre
Expressions Multidisciplinary, Puppetry, Musical theatre, Performance, Theatre

Contact information

Address Uranienborg Terrasse 9, 0351 Oslo, Norway
Telefon 41231310

Other information

Legal entity Foundation
Org nr. 991 979 727
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA

NIE is an international project that brings together theatre artists from different backgrounds, traditions and training's to create original performances.

The productions are built based on a wish to among other things use the different languages actively to create opposites, misunderstandings and confusion as an element in many of the performances. NIE uses all theatrical means available - music, light, animation, design, words, dancing, sounds, clown, buffoon, tragedy, puppets, singing - to create theatre that is alive and by turns comic, tragic, ridiculous and disturbing.

NIE was formed in 2001 and rehearsed its first three shows in the old Sokol gymnastic hall in Mseno, a small village in the north of the Czech Republic. We now have an office in Cambridge, UK and in Oslo, Norway.

Aims: To create original and remarkable theatre performances.

To foster understanding and exchange of ideas between theatre artists from different European countries, different traditions and different training's.

To explore and extend the possibilities of performance in different languages to work in a fusion and confusion of languages.

To create educational projects and workshops that disseminate our ideas and discoveries and that bring together students from different European countries and traditions.

To tour in East and West Europe as a means of disseminating our discoveries and ideas.

Dramaturgy: NIE uses contemporary European stories as the basis for devising original theatre performances.

Participants perform in their own languages and all performances should be understandable to everyone regardless of barriers of language.

Live music and singing is integral to our work and forms a vital part of our making and teaching.

The style and form of the work created draws directly on the ideas feeling and experiences of the project participants and their response to source material.

All projects foster exchange and understanding between participants from East and West Europe.

Source: NIE: New International Encounter: Visual Theatre,, 01.08.2010,

Co-productions (1)
Title Premiere
What the F**k is Going On – September 24, 2022 – Brageteatret
Contributors (10)
Alex Byrne – Artistic director
Katerina Houskova – Stage designer
Marie Rosendal Chemnitz – Stage designer
David Pagan – Music
Elke Laleman – Other
Kasia Zaremba – Other
Jan Suskleb – Lighting designer
Simon Koci – Technician
Tom Womwell – Other
Cat Moore – Administrative head