Songs of Lost Treasures

Song of Lost Treasures by NIE was based on childrens response to the questions: Where are things when they are lost? My pen, my friend, my grandmother? Perhaps there is a place where all my lost socks live? What stories are carried in things that are lost?


(Objekt ID 877)
Object type Production
Premiere February 10, 2008
Produced by New International Encounter
Audience Children, Families (from 5)
Expressions Musical theatre, Performance for children , Physical theatre, Storytelling theatre
Running period February 10, 2008  
Website NIE: New International Encounter: Visual Theatre

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 10m
Maximum stage width 20m
Minimum stage depth 10m
Maximum stage depth 14m
Minimum stage height 3m
Maximum stage height 6m
Blackout Yes
Rigging time 120 minutes
Downrigging time 40 minutes
Audience 150

In Songs of Lost Treasures by NIE the audience met three dear friends searching for the stories of everything lost. They embarked on a journey to the man who lost everything, the man who fell in love with a mermaid and the doll escaping the snow by balloon. Through playful theatre, music, animated cartoons and film the three friends relived fond memories, sad memories and memories they had forgotten all about.

Songs of Lost Treasures was based on collected stories by children aged 6-9 years. The subject of the stories was the experience of loss and the feeling of missing something.

Source: DTS,, 01.08.2010,

Name Role
Kjell Moberg – Playwright
Nils Petter Mørland – Playwright
Lenka Rozenhalova – Playwright
Kjell Moberg – Direction
Alex Byrne – Dramaturge
Kjell Moberg – Dramaturge
Kjell Moberg – Costume design
Elke Laleman – Video/Film
Nils Petter Mørland – Sound design
David Pagan – Sound design
Elke Laleman – Lighting design
Nils Petter Mørland – Actor
Lenka Rozenhalova – Actor
Anna Synkova – Actor
Elke Laleman – Photo
Iva Moberg – Producer
Performance dates
February 10, 2008 – Opening night