Also known asKatrine Maria Eponine Strøm
Organisation typeArtist company
Main focusPuppetry, Education, Performance, Children and youths, Theatre
ExpressionsPuppetry, Performance, Theatre

About Katma

Katma is lead by Katrine M. E. Strøm. The group produces visual, innovative and challenging performances for children and youth.

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More about Katma

Katma works with a theatre expression in the intersection between puppetry, performance, site specific, film, poetry and image theatre. Without words or explanation they create images rich in associations, encouraging the audience to use its own imagination.

The ensemble has visited international theatre festival in Lithuania, India, Russia, The Faroe Islands and Island, among other countries, with its performances. In 2006 Marja Gullsko was awarded the prize of Best Performance during the Golden Keys Festival in Petrozavodsk, Russia.

Katma leads workshops in site specific theatre, image theatre and visual theatre. In addition they work as consultants and direct children and youth theatre groups.

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