Vifterumpe* (Waving ass)

Vifterumpe by Katma was an adventurous performance for children, based on the book The gray cat and the black by Regine Normann.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title’s literal meaning.


(Objekt ID 1263)
Object type Production
Premiere July 2006
Produced by Katma, Teater Klubb '81
Based on Den grå katt og den sorte* (The Grey Cat and the Black) by Regine Normann
Audience Children (from 4)
Keywords Musical theatre, Performance, Theatre, Fairytale, Performance for children
Running period July 1, 2006  
Website Katma

"Those who once have learned to breathe as one with the sea, will never forget it."

Vifterumpe by Katma was an enchanting, magic and poetic play, communicating important themes that children of all ages could identify with. Be prepared for surprises, transformations and wonderful dreams. In the fairytale you would meet poisonous rats, lovely ladies and the best friends in the world.

"..and the world was big and beautiful"

Vifterumpe by Katma was supported by Arts Council Norway and Folkekulturfondet.

Source: Katma,, 01.08.2010,

Contributors (20)
Name Role
Katrine Strøm – Playwright
Katrine Strøm – Direction
Ola Bremnes – Composer
Anne Kari Spjelkavik – Costume design
Alexander Rydland Hansen – Sound design
Mats Ellingsen – Light
Marie Brensholm – Actor
Ingvild Enoksen – Actor
Mathilde Spjelkavik – Actor
Nikoline J. Spjelkavik – Actor
Sofie Spjelkavik – Actor
Margrethe Spjelkavik – Actor
Mette Spjelkavik Enoksen – Actor
Ove Aalo – Photo
Kenneth Eilertsen – Technician
Holger Hansen – Technician
Alexander Rydland Hansen – Technician
Svein Spjelkavik – Producer
Katrine Strøm – Producer
Svein Spjelkavik – Administration (PR)
Performance dates
August 12, 2007 Show
August 2007 Show
July 2006 Worldwide premiere
July 2006 Show
Festivals (1)
Press coverage

"Vifterumpe is an unordinary beautiful production, without words. Magical. (...) The stage design is ingenious and the lighting magnificent in all its simplicity. (...) The whole thing is nothing but a fantastic experience, hard to describe." Bente-Lill Dankertsen. Harstad Tidende (Rated 6 pips on the dice)