Arctic Arts Festival

Arctic Arts Festival is an annual festival, arranged in Harstad.

Arctic Arts Festival is organised as a foundation.

The foundation was established in a meeting in June 1964, and the first festival was held in 1965.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Festival
Main focus Multidisciplinary art
Website Festspillene i Nord-Norge

Contact information

Address Harstad, Norway

Other information

Legal entity Foundation
Org nr. 958 581 645


Arctic Arts Festival,, 03.10.2017,

Own productions
Title Premiere
Handlingsrom – May 25, 2017
KibergOdysséen – September 15, 2014
Puntila – June 19, 2004
Vaart daglige brød – June 24, 2001
Mor Courage og hennes barn – 1995
Mor Courage og hennes barn – June 25, 1994