Scene 7

Scene 7 was established in 1966 as a sub-department to Club 7. Scene 7 (literally: Stage 7) was a small, open theatre with a breath of air from international circles. Sossen Krohg was its leader. The experimental theatre’s profile was being an open theatre; open for new theatre expressions, new drama and new actors. For many years Scene 7 represented a large part of the capital’s avant garde theatre and international impulses.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Theatre company
Main focus Theatre
Established 1966 (closed April 1, 1985)

Contact information

Address Oslo, Norway

Other information

Legal entity Other
Contributors (10)
Asbjørn P. Olsen – Actor ( til 1985)
May-Brith Thowsen – Actor
Halvor Schjelderup – Technical director
Berit Schjelderup – Actor
Sessa Sidselrud de Seves – Actor
Anka Næss – Actor (fra 1977 til 1985)
Pernille Anker – Artist (fra 1972 til 1975)
John Ellefsen – Stagehand (fra 1968)
Sossen Krohg – Theatre director (fra 1966 til 1985)
Attila Horvath – Actor (fra 1966)