Maid to Marry

Maid to Marry (1967) was a theatre production by Scene 7, based on the one-act play by Eugène Ionesco. It was performed at Kongen, which were the home of Scene 7 and Club 7 at the time.

Bernt Erik Larssen directed it.

Maid to Marry became part of Scene 7's regular repertory, and one of the most performed productions of the company.


(Objekt ID 51838)
Object type Production
Premiere 1967
Produced by Scene 7
Based on Maid to Marry by Eugène Ionesco
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre of the absurd, One-act Play, Theatre
Running period 1967  


Førland, Tor Egil: Club 7. published by Pax Forlag A/S Oslo 1998.

Contributors (7)
Name Role
Eugène Ionesco – Playwright
Bernt Erik Larssen – Direction
Guy Krohg – Stage design
Truls Kwetzinsky – Light
Oddmund Berg – Actor (Mannen)
Attila Horvath – Actor (Piken)
Sossen Krohg – Actor (Kvinnen)
Performance dates
October 1983Mellometasjen i Konserthusets D-blokk Show
1967Restaurant Kongen Opening night