Cirka Teater

Organisation typeTheatre company
Main focusTheatre, Children and youths

About Cirka Teater

Cirka Teater was established in 1984 by Anne Marit Sæther and Gilles Berger, both with a French theatre school background. The autumn of 1996 Jorun Dugstad was connected to the group as their main manager/producer. Cirka Teater creates productions in which the physical, visual theatre expression stands centrally. In particular the theatre works with the interaction between stage design/props and the physical language of the actor. The group has created more than 20 performances.

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More about Cirka Teater

Cirka Teater has since its beginning combined the artistic expression with education, and has been giving lectures and workshops at schools and universities. Cirka Teater tours Norway and has visited many national and international theatre festivals. Throughout the years Cirka Teater has received several national and international awards for its work.

Source: Cirka Teater,, 05.09.2010,