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Rasende Rebeller og andre Reddharer* (Raging rebels and other scaredy cats)

Rasende Rebeller og andre Reddharer* (Raging rebels and other scaredy cats) was a puppetry production by Cirka Teater.

Rasende Rebellerog andre Reddharer is about strong emotions: One can become furious, rebellious and afraid when the emotions are close to running wild. Sometimes that happens when there are cute women at stake! And Beate is incredibly cute, the junk seller Alfred thinks. But he is so afraid to tell her what he feels.

His friends, the gang of junk, try to help him by telling him stories about others who feel the same way. While they tell, the scrap yard is transformed.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning. The Norwegian expression "reddhare" literally translates to "scaredy hare". This is the Norwegian idiom corresponding most directly to "scaredy cat".


(Objekt ID 1463)
Object type Production
Premiere Navember 17, 2005
Produced by Cirka Teater
In collaboration with Trøndelag Theatre
Audience Children (from 5)
Language Norwegian
Keywords Puppetry, Performance for children
Running period Navember 17, 2005  
Contributors (17)
Name Role
Stig Claesson – Author
Niels Peter Underland – Script
Anne Marit Sæther – Idea
Anne Marit Sæther – Direction
Niels Peter Underland – Direction
Martin Smidt – Music
Lise Hovik – Dramaturge
Gilles Berger – Stage design
Ellen Karin Mæhlum – Costume design
Tatjana Zaitzow – Puppetry Design
Gilles Berger – Lighting design
Tommy Geving – Lighting design
Loan TP Hoang – Performer
Stian Hovland Pedersen – Performer
Anne Marit Sæther – Performer
Dino Makridis – Photo
Jorunn Dugstad – Producer
Performance dates
Navember 17, 2005Studioscenen, Trøndelag Teater, Trøndelag Theatre Worldwide premiere