Stellaris Dance Theatre

Stellaris Dance Theatre is a professional performing arts enterprise based in Hammerfest. Within the independent performing arts the company is the second oldest dance company in Norway, and most likely the Northernmost in the world. The enterprise was established in 1980 under  the name of Hammerfest Ballettverksted (Hammerfest Ballet Workshop). The name was changed into Stellaris Danseteater in 1989 and Stellaris Dance Theatre (in Norwegian: Stellaris DansTeater) in 2003.


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Object type Organization
Also known as Stellaris DansTeater
Organization type Dance company
Main focus Dance
Established January 1, 1980
Website Stellaris DansTeater
Expressions Dance

Contact information

Address Mylingen 6, 9600 Hammerfest, Norway
Telefon 78410007

Other information

Legal entity Limited liability company/AS or ASA
Org nr. 871 405 522
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA

Solveig Leinan-Hermo is responsible for Stellaris Dance Theatre’s enterprise and artistic activity. She is the theatre director, owns the enterprise and works steady, full time for it. Stellaris Dance Theatre now organises its scenic enterprise through different productions/projects by Solveig Leinan-Hermo. Stellaris Dance Theatre tours annually, mainly in the Barents region. In addition to producing and touring its own projects, Stellaris Dance Theatre collaborates with different institutions in Norway and abroad.

Staff is hired for the different projects. Many have been connected to the enterprise through several productions and have long experience together. Economically Stellaris Dance Theatre manages its scenic production through selling project concepts.

The enterprise is split in different areas: - Different scenic productions/performances by Solveig Leinan-Hermo – Collaboration projects - Touring - Stellaris - Dansearena Nord (formerly Nordnorsk landsdelscene for Dans/North-Norwegian regional Dance stage) - Stellaris Barents Project - Stellaris Young Choreographer Project – Stellaris Young Dancer project – Festivals including DanceFestival Barents – Classes and consulting

Stellaris Dance Theatre aims to:

- Produce new Norwegian dance for the stage.

- Contribute to developing dance as an artistic expression, also in collaboration with other artistic expressions.

- Being internationally oriented through touring and networking within the Barents region and The Cap of the North as emphasised areas. Northern Norway is particularly emphasized.

In addition to the enterprise of Stellaris Dance Theatre Solveig Leinan-Hermo worked to realise a Northern Norwegian regional stage for dance from the spring of 1990. Establishing Nordnorsk landsdelscene for Dans (North-Norwegian regional Dance stage/NND) has been a long and demanding process, through which it has been natural to collaborate closely with Stellaris Dance Theatre. In 2005 a deal between NND and Stellaris Dance Theatre was made. Stellaris accepted through this deal to maintain an activity naturally connected to the work areas of Stellaris Dance Theatre’s according to statutes and working plan.

Since 2003 Stellaris Dance Theatre has been responsible for Dance Festival Barents. The artistic and administrative activity within Dance Festival Barents formerly was connected to the daily management of Stellaris Dance Theatre due to the festival being run as a project by Stellaris DansTeater. Towards the end of 2008 the festival was made into a daughter company of Stellaris Dance Theatre. The aim is to develop it into an independent unit.

Stellaris Dance Theatre is part of a natural network with Barents Dance Council and the interest organization Forum for North Norwegian Dance Artists. Stellaris Dance Theatre also is a member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA.


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Solveig Leinan-Hermo – Artistic director
Marie Hermo Jensen – Dancer