Totalteatret was an independent performing arts company established in Tromsø in 1984.

Totalteatret wanted to contribute alternative ideas, opposing contemporary power structures and the established truths. The foundation for the productions was not always political. Spiritual issues and experiences were also part of it.

Totalteatret ceased to exist as 2000 changed into 2001. Several of its members are now active within the company Ferske Scener.


(Objekt ID 2197)
Object type Organization
Organization type Theatre company
Main focus Theatre
Established 1983 (closed 2001)
Expressions Theatre

Contact information

Address Vestregate 48, 9008 Tromsø, Norway

Other information

Legal entity Other

Kristin Eriksen Bjørn wrote and directed Ei forestilling om Læstadius* (A performance about Læstadius) for Totalteatret. Totalteatret was nominated for The Hedda Award 1998 in the open production for the production.


Sceneweb on The Hedda Award 1998,, 16.11.2012,

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning. The Norwegian "forestilling" has a double meaning; it can mean "performance" as well as "idea".

Stein Bjørn – Actor ( til 2001)
Kristin Eriksen Bjørn – Director (fra 1985 til 2001)
Bernt Bjørn – Actor (fra 1983 til 2001)
Ørjan Hattrem – Actor (fra 1983 til August 1992)
Trond Peter Stamsø Munch – Actor (fra 1983)