Passage Nord Project

Passage Nord Project was started in 1986 by the Norwegian visual artist, actor and dancer Kjetil Skøien.

Passage Nord Project produces productions in which the visual, the objects, the installation and the video films are on equal footing with text, choreography and sound.

Passage Nord Project is led by Kjetil Skøien, responsible for concepts, scripts, direction and visual installations.


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Object type Organization
Also known as Passage Nord
Organization type Artist company
Main focus Performance, Dance, Theatre, Visual arts
Established 1985

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Passage Nord Project produced visual performances without text, near dance, from 1986 to 1992. The dancers were then performers. From 1992 text became an element in the performances and since then the performers have been actors and dancers. The texts have been fragmented scripts based on several types of text; poetry, philosophy, drama and facts.

Since 2008 Passage Nord Project has become increasingly oriented towards documentarism. The performers perform with their own texts, their own stories, and they are humans without any background from performing arts.

Passage Nord Project has toured and performed at festivals, theatres and art museums all over the Nordic Countries, the Baltic Countries, Poland, Japan, England, Egypt, USA, Italia, Spain, Austria, Croatia and Germany.


E-mail from Kjetil Skøien, 12.08.2011

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Kjetil Skøien – Artistic director