The roundabout (Second interlude)

The roundabout (Second interlude) was a production by Passage Nord.


(Objekt ID 11377)
Object type Production
Premiere December 14, 1987
Produced by Passage Nord Project
Audience Adults
Number of events 11
Expressions Performance, Multidisciplinary
Running period December 14, 1987  

Requirements to venue

Blackout Yes

In Passage Nord's catalogue the following is written about The roundabout (Second interlude):

"A man and a woman are sitting at each their table, and slides are being shown in two areas on the back wall. There is no contact between them. At times they are a part of the images, which are projected on their bodies, at other times they control the images by means of rhythmic signals, such as knocking on the tables with tools. Dust is thrown up in the air so that some of the slides containing texts are three-dimensionally. The two people alternate between being captured by the images and directing them. The slides show a nostalgic world of tools and machine parts as well as transport vehicles. They were taken in the 1950s. A repetitive, mechanical syntax of movement intensifies the images' content. The performance has no story, but consists of a number of images, about one hundred, all of which can be interpreted in their own way. The same series of movements are repeated over and over again to be suddenly interrupted by surprising changes, such as comments on the performance: "Why is this important?", shown on slides."

The roundabout (Second interlude) was performed at Wroclaw Int. Theatre Festival (Poland), Oslo International Theatre Festival, Maki Gallery (Tokyo), Voice Gallery (Kyoto), Art Space (Nishinimija), Gally IQ 150 (Sendai)


Catalogue, PASSAGE NORD 1986-1996. Kjetil Skøien, performance, installation. Donated by: Kjetil Skøien, May 2010. Translation: Ruth Waaler.

Contributors (5)
Name Role
Kjetil Skøien – Text
Kjetil Skøien – Direction
Kjetil Skøien – Stage design
Hege Gabrielsen – Performer
Kjetil Skøien – Performer
Performance dates
September 4, 1988Kafé Nordraak , Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival – Show
September 3, 1988Kafé Nordraak , Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival – Show
December 14, 1987 – Worldwide premiere
Festivals (1)