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Time fears the pyramid

Time fears the pyramid by Passage Nord was a decomposition of Chekhov's play Tre søstre. Time fears the pyramide played at The Norwegian Theatre in Oslo.


(Objekt ID 15432)
Object type Production
Premiere 1991
Produced by Passage Nord Project
Coproducers The Norwegian Theatre
Based on Three Sisters AKA The Three Sisters by Anton Tsjekhov
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre, Dance, Song, Multidisciplinary
Running period 1991  

Requirements to venue

Blackout Yes

In Passage Nord's catalogue the following is written about Time fears the pyramid:

"A performance based on a composition model in which a movement- or a directing pattern is repeated four times, each time shown in a new direction in the space. The texts are a decomposition of Chekhov's Three Sisters, rewritten into a monologue for an older actress. The other two sisters are represented by a ballet dancer and a singer. Three men carry out physical acts; they show the male element in Chekhov's text. The female dancer is wheeled in a two metre high steel tower, the depiction of a dream of a trip (to Moscow). Between the four acts, or scenes, actions without words from the stage instructions for each act of Three Sisters are carried out, with suitable props, samovars, books decks of cards etc. The singer sings her longing in the Japanese-inspired Ho by Scelsi. Men are marching and falling repeatedly. In principle, the static and longing in Chekhov are shown by the repetition."

Time fears the pyramid was performed at The Norwegian Theatre (Oslo/Norway).


Catalogue, PASSAGE NORD 1986-1996. Kjetil Skøien, performance, installation. Donated by: Kjetil Skøien, May 2010. Translation: Ruth Waaler.

Contributors (13)
Name Role
Kjetil Skøien – Adapted by
Kjetil Skøien – Direction
Kjetil Skøien – Stage design
Pesjman Sepehri – Sound design (på video)
Jan Erik Spigseth – Sound design (på video)
Halvor Schjelderup – Light
Hege Gabrielsen – Performer
Sossen Krohg – Performer
Hans Rønningen – Performer
Kjetil Skøien – Performer
Jon Tombre – Performer
Hilde Torgersen – Performer
Geir Skjegstad – Photo
Performance dates