A Place for Living with the Other

A Place for Living with the Other (2012) is a production by Passage Nord Project.

A Place for Living with the Other brings its audience along on a trip to a continent where the white man represents the dream of another life, a life of plethora and in freedom. How easy is it really to travel around a country where some of the people are poor? Is your identity as rich and white tested in a country where you may represent the abuser, the infidel and immoral? The white man walks around Morocco like an open ATM, ready for withdrawals. He is in the country of dreams.


(Objekt ID 28289)
Object type Production
Premiere April 12, 2012
Produced by Passage Nord Project,
Audience Adults (from 16 to 100)
Number of events 4
Language Norwegian
Expressions Performance, Video, Installation
Running period April 12, 2012  —  April 15, 2012
Website Black Box Teater

At the website of Black Box Teater the following, among other things, was written about A Place for Living with the Other:

"Kjetil Skøien created the production Larache for The Norwegian National Opera in 2011, in which four Moroccan men living in Oslo told about their lives and experiences in Norway, about what they dreamt about before they got here and how their realities here are. Now Skøien is making a production about himself and the white tourist in Africa. The production A Place for Living with the Other at Black Box Teater is about the white man in Morocco and how it is to relate as a traveller in a poor country, a Muslim country. Kjetil Skøien has written texts from Tangier, made a video and builds an installation of materials onstage. In turn, the installation will be recreated during the performance.

It will be used texts by well-known writers who have lived in Tangier, including the beat poets Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs.

In A Place for Living with the Other video, text, music and art installation will create an ambient chaos, almost like walking down a street in Tangier, Morocco.

Kjetil Skøien has a unique position in Norwegian culture, and has for the past 25 years worked with theatre and visual arts both. Skøien has directed productions since 1985, within a visual performance art and theatre tradition in which text, video, installation, sound and choreography are often put on equal footing.

Skøien is educated as a visual artist and has worked as a dancer and actor, plus directed theatre for The National Theatre, The Norwegian Theatre, Opera Nord, Copenhagen, and the Noh Theatre of Kyoto. Skøien has had productions performed at Black Box Teater since 1986. He has had exhibitions in a number of museums and is bought by The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, and by the photo museum Preus Museum."

Producers: TrAP and Passage Nord Project.

Supported by Arts Council Norway.


Black Box Teater, blackbox.no, 02.05.2012, http://www.blackbox.no/content/titlePresentation.php?tid=2130

Name Role
Allen Ginsberg – Text
William Seward Burroughs – Text
Kjetil Skøien – Text
Kjetil Skøien – Direction
Janus Kramhøft – Dramaturge
Kjetil Skøien – Video/Film
Marius Børsheim – Performer
Snorre Eirik Hvamen – Performer
Lars Nordby – Performer
Siham Ouazzif – Performer
Sifaks Rabhi – Performer
Kjetil Skøien – Performer
Trine Wiggen – Performer
Kjetil Skøien – Installation
Performance dates