Diaphragma (1992) was a production by Passage Nord Project.


(Objekt ID 33256)
Object type Production
Premiere 1992
Produced by Passage Nord Project
Expressions Theatre, Performance
Running period 1992  

In Passage Nord's catalogue the following is written about Diaphragm:

"The two performers both hold a lecture and are a part of the slides they are showing. Three slides showing a drawing of a plant as it developes from one leaf, to several and into bloom, is watered, and grows on slides, while plastic flower is burned. The only light is from the slides projectors, sometimes cut in geometric panels that are shown in areas on the floor, which the performers fall in and out of, timed to synchronize with the slide changes. This gives the feeling that it is the slides that are directing the actions of the performers. The changing of the slides "shoves" the performers brutally into new positions. The picture of an airplane makes the performers duck under it. At other times the performers are caught in an abstract network and in wheel forms. The performance touches the body as an object, as a form in space. A strict rhythmic composition in which the slide change and the precise actions and movements of the bodies are contrasted with a chaotic sound recording from a number of movies, with genuine sounds of, for example, cars, footsteps, screams, classical-, folk-, and popmusic, all in very quick alternation."


Buresund, Inger and Anne-Britt Gran (1996): Frie grupper og Black Box Teater. 1970-1995 (literally: Independent companies and Black Box Teater. 1970-1995), adNotam Gyldendal, Oslo

Catalogue, PASSAGE NORD 1986-1996. Kjetil Skøien, performance, installation. Donated by: Kjetil Skøien, May 2010. Translation: Ruth Waaler.

Contributors (5)
Name Role
Kjetil Skøien – Concept/Idea
Kjetil Skøien – Direction
Kjetil Skøien – Room
Hege Gabrielsen – Performer
Kjetil Skøien – Performer
Performance dates
December 6, 1992Lille scene (Vika) – Show
December 5, 1992Lille scene (Vika) – Show
December 4, 1992Lille scene (Vika) – Show
December 3, 1992Lille scene (Vika) – Show
December 2, 1992Lille scene (Vika) – Show
1992 – Worldwide premiere
1992Nordisk Kunstsenter – Show
1992Museum Moderner Kunst – Show
1992Szkene Teater – Show
1992Maszk Teater – Show