Ellen Johannesen/KarmaConsult

Ellen Johannesen/KarmaConsult has been the name of dancer and choreographer Ellen Johannesen's enterprise since 1994. In Norway Ellen Johannesen has presented several of her own works, participated in collaboration projects with other choreographers and in addition worked as a dancer, for the choreographers Øyvind Jørgensen, Monica Herstad and Zoe Kristiansen among others. She has made her mark with a series of solo productions in which she combines her own texts with a particular expression of movement.


(Objekt ID 1840)
Object type Organization
Organization type Dance company
Main focus Dance
Established 1994
Expressions Dance, Performance

Contact information

Address Oslo, Norway

Other information

Legal entity Sole Proprietorship/Self-employed business/ENK
Org nr. 980 086 372
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA

Ellen Johannesen bears influence from different sources such as Butohperformance art and Ashtanga yoga. Since 2003 she has led an expansive cooperation with cellist and composer Tanja Orning. Together they have presented a series of performances using post-dramatic dramaturgy, in which means of expressions are placed on equal footing. The autumn of 2003 they presented the pilot project Karma Lounge for and audience for the first time. Later the project has been developed into a full-length performance and it has been expanded with dancer Ulf Nilseng.

The works of Ellen Johannesen have been performed in Black Box Teater in Oslo, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo, Avant Garden in Trondheim, The National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, the theatre festival in Kongsvinger, the Junge Hunde Festivals in Copenhagen and Ljubljana, Theater am Halleschen Ufer in Berlin and in Kaaiteater, Brussels.

In addition Johannesen has produced and performed several productions in Bangalore, India, where she has contributed to the local contemporary dance community, among other times during the Contemporary Dance Festival, a biennale.


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Own productions (20)
Title Premiere
SPAFORLIVET – May 29, 2013
No Reference Land – September 23, 2010
Other side gone – October 19, 2007
Karma Lounge – April 28, 2005
Death Pilot – 2005
Sound of movement – April 2004
Back to Back solo – February 2004
Dharmathology – February 2003
XXY – May 9, 2002
Landgang – 2001
Karma Interrupted – 2001
The EverAfter Show – December 8, 2000
Cavewoman – March 24, 2000
Beings of a lesser kind – February 11, 1999
She has a marvellous being V – February 11, 1999
Praying Room – 1999
Painandagain ...andagain – 1998
Pain anda again – 1997
Orientering – August 26, 1994
Dobbeltspill – 1994
Contributors (1)
Ellen Johannesen – Manager