Øyvind Jørgensen Productions

Øyvind Jørgensen Productions / Ø.J.Prod. was established in December 1994 by choreographer and dancer Øyvind Jørgensen. The company closed down in January 2021.


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Object type Organization
Also known as Øyvind Jørgensen Produksjoner
Organization type Dance company, Production company, Artist company
Main focus Dance, Performance, Multidisciplinary art, Education, Children and youths, Theatre, Entertainment
Established December 1, 1994 (closed January 2021)
Email ojprod(at)online.no
Website Øyvind Jørgensen
Expressions Dance

Contact information

Address Oslo, Norway
Email ojprod(at)online.no
Telefon 22690354

Other information

Legal entity Foundation
Org nr. 974 536 706
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA

Øyvind Jørgensen Productions / Ø.J.Prod. produced dance and dance related performances directed mainly at youths and adults. Choreographer Øyvind Jørgensen is a distinct character in Norwegian contemporary dance and is concentrating on an expressive and dynamic approach to dance. He is, amongst other, inspired by Japanese Butoh dance.


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Øyvind Jørgensen Produksjoner, ojprod.com, 21.01.2021, http://www.ojprod.com/

Contributors (1)
Øyvind Jørgensen – Artistic director (fra December 1994 til January 2021)