XXY (2002) was a production by Ellen Johannesen and Øyvind Jørgensen. XXY was a duet for a male and a female dancer; Øyvind Jørgensen and Ellen Johannesen, both known to be highly individual choreographers and dancers. In XXY they got close to the art of installation in cooperation with the visual artist Annebeth Meldal and the composer and sound designer Petter Wiik. As equally partnered artistically responsible they  worked together towards a full-length performance.


(Objekt ID 2128)
Object type Production
Premiere May 9, 2002
Produced by Øyvind Jørgensen Productions, Ellen Johannesen/KarmaConsult
Audience Adults
Number of events 5
Expressions Multidisciplinary, Dance, Performance, Installation
Running period May 9, 2002  —  Navember 2002
Website Øyvind Jørgensen Produksjoner, KARMACONSULT

XXY can be described as a performance installation inserted into a scenic connection, where the visual arts’ effects took the stage design’s place. Jørgensen and Johannesen entered the roles as man and woman, creating each their solo performed simultaneously in a visual-physical setting. As if they were in a laboratory they performed male and female rituals in interaction with movement, objects and use of video camera.


Black Box Teater, seasonprogram spring 2002

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Name Role
Ellen Johannesen – Choreography
Øyvind Jørgensen – Choreography
Petter Wiik – Composer
Anne Beth Meldal – Stage design
Anne Beth Meldal – Costume
Ruth Marie Bottheim – Lighting design
Ellen Johannesen – Dancer
Øyvind Jørgensen – Dancer
Stein Jarle Nilsen – Photo
Cathe Sjøblom – Other (Produksjonsmedarbeider)
Performance dates
Navember 2002 , Solo Duo Festival – Show
May 12, 2002Store scene (Vika) – Show
May 11, 2002Store scene (Vika) – Show
May 10, 2002Store scene (Vika) – Show
May 9, 2002Store scene (Vika) – Worldwide premiere
Solo Duo Festival Navember 2002