Collage Dance Company

Collage Dance Company was a Norwegian dance company, established in 1974. With a core of a few dancer and in collaboration with leading Norwegian choreographers such as Sølvi Edvardsen and Lise Nordal Collage Dance Company produced a number of works, often in close collaboration with young Norwegian composers.

Collage Dance Company worked with modern dance as its expression, and considered spreading this art form among its most important missions.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Dance company
Main focus Dance
Established 1974 (closed 1995)
Expressions Dance

Contact information

Address Oslo, Norway

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Legal entity Other

Collage Dance Company toured all over Norway.

Sølvi Edvardsen received The Norwegian Critics' Award (dance) in 1984 for her work Kimen* (The Seed) for Collage Dance Company.

The dancer Cathrine Smith received The Norwegian Critics' Award (dance) in 1987 for her interpretation of the ballet Terra for Collage Dance Company.

Collage Dance Company ceased to exist in 1995.


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*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

Co-productions (2)
Title Premiere
Solo – March 8, 1995
Scream – March 8, 1995
Contributors (12)
Trude Stokke – Choreographer
Mona Walderhaug – Choreographer
Aase With – Choreographer
Nina Lill Svendsen – Choreographer
Anne Hellum – Choreographer
Mette Rønning – Choreographer
Cathrine Smith – Choreographer (fra 1981 til 1987)
Sølvi Edvardsen – Choreographer (fra 1980 til 1992)
Inger Buresund – Choreographer (fra 1977 til 1985)
Lise Eger – Choreographer (fra 1974)
Ida Collin – Choreographer (fra 1974)
Lise Nordal – Choreographer (fra 1974 til 1995)