Høvik Ballett AKA Hovik Ballet

Høvik Ballett AKA Hovik Ballet (1968-1991) was a Norwegian dance company. Høvik Ballett was established in the autoumn 1968 by Merete Bergersen, Kjersti Engebrigtsen, Kari Fjeld Glesne, Marianne Luihn Hermansson, Anne Grete Lingsom og Wenche Lund.

Høvik Ballett had its debut performance in 1969. From the very start the company was connected to Henie Onstad Art Centre at Høvikodden.


(Objekt ID 34196)
Object type Organization
Organization type Dance company
Main focus Dance
Established 1969 (closed 1990)

Contact information

Address Bærum, Norway

Other information

Legal entity Foundation

Høvik Ballett AKA Hovik Ballet had its main base at Henie Onstad Art Centre for most of the twenty years the company was active. In addition to performing at the art centre the company put an emphasis on reaching out to new audiences, and went touring across most of Norway, with Concerts Norway, among others. The company also made televised performances.

Høvik Ballett found important impulses at the art centre through changing exhibitions and from the very beginning was allowed to create performances and improvisation in interaction with the images and sculptures.

The company has not been active after 1991. Its main choreographer and artistic director was Merete Bergersen, who has produced a number of productions of her own from 1994.


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