Petrusjka Teater

Organisation typeArtist company
Main focusPuppetry
ExpressionsMultidisciplinary, Puppetry

About Petrusjka Teater

Petrusjka Teater was the first independent, professional theatre company in Trondheim to use puppetry as its expression. Petrusjka Teater was founded in 1978 by Tatjana Zaitzow, still the theatre’s artistic director. The musician Eirik Lie was also central in the years from 1985 to 1994. The company has been continuously searching and producing from 1978.

Petrusjka Teater has produced more than 30 projects, mostly puppetry productions, in addition to classes and workshops, several TV productions and exhibitions based on own projects with puppets, stage design and drawings.

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More about Petrusjka Teater

Petrusjka Teater aims to spread knowledge to and curiosity for puppetry as an artistic expression. The company uses puppets, objects and movable stage designs to tell stories from the stage. The puppeteers manipulate and give life and soul and distinct features to these elements. The puppeteer is the machinery of the elements, but also acts as an actor of flesh and blood, with the elements as live counter actors. In the intersection between live actors and dead objects the magic and uniqueness of puppetry rise.

Since the beginning Petrusjka Teater has produced more than 30 projects, including for television. The theatre has made several exhibitions with puppets, scenography and work designs from its own productions. Petrusjka Teater has toured and visited festivals in all of Scandinavia, France, Germany, Poland, the former Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Russia, Estonia and Canada. Petrusjka Teater and Tatjana Zaitzow has received Norwegian and international awards.

Several former members or students of Petrusjka Teater have later started their own companies.

Petrusjka Teater has from 2005 stepped down its own production, but the artistic director of the company keeps working as a puppet maker and stage designer in collaboration with other puppetry companies such as the puppetry division of Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre), Cirka Teater and Nordland Visual Theatre.


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