Sugar Circus

Sugar Circus (2004) by Katma: The smell of the circus, the magic of candy. The rare and sweet dream, that tingle in your tummy when the circus comes to town.


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Object type Production
Premiere June 1, 2004
Produced by Katma
Coproducers Nordland Visual Theatre
Audience Children (from 6 to 9)
Language Norwegian
Keywords Puppetry, Theatre, Physical theatre, Performance for children, Object theatre
Running period June 1, 2004  
Duration 55 minutes
Website Katma

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 10m
Maximum stage width 10m
Minimum stage depth 17m
Maximum stage depth 17m
Minimum stage height 5m
Maximum stage height 5m
Lights requirements Brought with
Audio requirements Brought with
Blackout Yes
Rigging time 240 minutes
Downrigging time 180 minutes
Audience 24
Other The performance is well suited for gymnasiums. The audience is seated in circus carts inside the tent.

The children coming to the Sugar Circus were tempted and challenged. They would see candy presented in a way they had never seen before.

Sugar Circus by Katma was a physical and visual experience, in which all senses were tantalised. There was no useful lessons here, nor any morals, sense or pointy fingers. Just lots of delicious sugar.

A small girl comes to a sleeping circus, and meets a cursed manager. Her enthusiasm and childlike faith breaks the curse, and slowly magic and colour returns to the circus, which becomes a paradise filled with candy and sweet experiences.

Adults were strictly banned from accessing Sugar Circus.

In a time when the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared war on sugar, this play suggested that sweet dreams can never get sweet enough.

Two different newspapers gave the performance the highest score when it was shown at the Stamsund International Theatre Festival and at the Arts Festival of North Norway in 2004.

Sugar Circus by Katma was funded by The Arts Council Norway, Nordland County and The Cultural Rucksack.


Katma,, 01.08.2010,

Contributors (20)
Name Role
Katrine Strøm – Script
Katrine Strøm – Concept/Idea
Katrine Strøm – Direction
Alexander Rydland Hansen – Music
Tord Lind-Hansen – Music
Ingunn Sønsteby – Stage design
Ingunn Sønsteby – Costume design
Stian Indrevoll – Video/Film
Thomas Bendiksen – Lighting design
Anders Gaarder Karterudseter – Actor
Ingeborg Karoline Spjelkavik Rød – Actor
Mette Spjelkavik Enoksen – Actor
Katrine Strøm – Actor
Laura Christina Brøvig Vallenes – Actor
Anne Kari Spjelkavik – Tailoring
Svein-Terje Eliassen – Photo
Svein Spjelkavik – Photo
Preben Faye-Schjøll – Director’s assistant
Alexander Rydland Hansen – Technician
Svein Spjelkavik – Administration (PR)
Performance dates
October 12, 2005Studio Bergen, Carte Blanche Show
October 11, 2005Studio Bergen, Carte Blanche Show
October 10, 2005Studio Bergen, Carte Blanche Show
October 9, 2005Studio Bergen, Carte Blanche Show
January 23, 2005 15:00 – Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Show
January 23, 2005 18:00 – Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Show
January 22, 2005 13:00 – Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Show
January 22, 2005 15:00 – Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Show
January 22, 2005 18:00 – Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Show
2005 Show
June 1, 2004Figurteateret i Nordland, Nordland Visual Theatre Worldwide premiere
Festivals (3)
METEOR October 9, 2005
Markedet for scenekunst 2005
Stamsund Teaterfestival June 1, 2004
Press coverage

Alf Ragnar Olsen, date unknown, Andøyposten:
"Sugar Circus was rated worthy of at least six pips on the dice by the children watching the opening show."

Hege I. Hansen, date unknown, Nordlys [Tromsø] (rating the performance as worthy of six pips on the dice):
"Super sweet and visual experience at a high artistic level. (...) Sugar Circus is a great original idea which assisted by delicious stage design and light design becomes a sugar kick of the rarest kind. (...) Beyond common sense, yes. May all adults become children for a temporary while."

Bente-Lill Dankertsen, date unknown, Harstad Tidene [Harstad] (rating the performance as worthy of six pips on the dice):
"A performance beyond everything associated with theatre. (...) The performance is spectacular, vividly quick and rich in colour. Here is not a second of dead time, not one second of getting bored. The actors make a formidable job (...) What should one really say? Other than bowing to the earth and congratulate!"

Lars Antonsen, date unknown, Avisa Nordland:
"Sugar sweet delight. (...) Sugar Circus challenges the nutrition experts and fascinates the young ones."

Anki Gerhardsen, date unknown, Lofotposten:
"The first graders can’t believe their own eyes. During school time they have come to Nordland Visual Theatre to watch theatre, and on the floor lies candy in all colours."