Knut is dead

Knut is dead is Teater NOR's approach to Knut Hamsun and Norway's celebration of the 150 year jubilee of his birth. The opening of the performance is inspired by Georg Johannessen's claim that Norwegians did not love Knut Hamsun despite him being a Nazi, but because he was a Nazi.


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Object type Production
Premiere March 2, 2008
Produced by Teater NOR
Audience Adults, Youth
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Performance
Running period March 2, 2008  
Website Teater NOR

Requirements to venue

Blackout No

About Knut is dead by Teater NOR:

In 2009 the 150 year jubilee for Hamsun's birth was celebrated and Teater NOR invited to a documentary journey to Knut Hamsun's beloved Hamarøy – through grand Northern Norwegian nature, via uncompromised literature scientific stubbornness to the intimate confessions by the participators in the project.

From a base in which Teater NOR had clear ambitions to hang the charlatan of a poet to dry, the theatre company reluctantly had to realise this would put the company in bad light. If there is anything Hamsun really had, it is the ability to illuminate. Hamsun illuminates places of no importance, academics of no importance and art projects of no importance.

Live from the brown cafés of Amsterdam Teater NOR brought the performance artist Petter Goldstine who lectured about the interest for Hamsun in his near surroundings. From New York the theatre director Jonathan Oppenheim told about Hamsun’s influence on modern Jewish literature.

Knut is dead by Teater NOR invited to a dignified celebration in the spirit of the nation, during which bathing, eating of waffles, drinking of champagne and hailing took place – for Knut Hamsun, but mostly for the people who celebrated.

Knut is dead was supported by Arts Council Norway, The Fund for Performing Artists, The Freedom of Expression Foundation Fritt Ord, the municipality of Vestvågøy and the county of Nordland.


E-mail from Thorbjørn Gabrielsen, 10.11.2010

Contributors (12)
Name Role
Thorbjørn Gabrielsen – Direction
Miguel Rodriguez – Sound design
Taro Vestøl Cooper – Actor
Sissel Helgesen – Actor
Øystein Reksten Sanne – Actor
Mine Nilay Yalcin – Actor
Tore Lorentzen – Technician
Oddny Wiggen – Producer
Kristin Waag – Producer
Anniken Greve – Researcher
Petter Alexander Goldstine – Other
Jonathan Oppenheim – Other
Performance dates
June 3, 2008Gimle, Stamsund - Teater NOR Show
March 2, 2008Gimle, Stamsund - Teater NOR Worldwide premiere
Festivals (1)