Mobile Homes

Mobile Homes was established in 2002 by stagedirector and scenographer Zoe Christiansen and composer and sounddesigner Sven Erga. Mobile Homes functions as a platform of collaboration, research and interdisciplinary idea-development. Artistic Director of Mobile homes is director and scenographer Zoe Christiansen.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Artist company
Main focus Multidisciplinary art
Established January 1, 2002
Website mobilehomes
Expressions Multidisciplinary, Dance, Performance, Theatre

Contact information

Address Smålensgt. 1, 0657 Oslo, Norway
Telefon 92041827

Other information

Legal entity Sole Proprietorship/Self-employed business/ENK
Org nr. 981 842 472

Mobile Homes works with performance, installation, staged concerts and site-specific projects.

In addition to the above, Mobile Home is an ongoing art-project connecting artists from different countries through the Internet. This international collaboration provides a flexible and dynamical creative process and expression in which the artists involved contribute their individual knowledge and expressions.

Source: mobilehomes,, 31.08.2010,

Own productions (6)
Title Premiere
Passing Place – June 1, 2010
Atlas – December 2004
Sonar – 2004
Nightwood – April 26, 2003
Mapping 4: Strategy of survival – January 16, 2003
Mapping 3: Backstage Camping
Co-productions (3)
Contributors (5)
Gerd Zoe Christiansen – Artistic director
Gerd Zoe Christiansen – Director
Gerd Zoe Christiansen – Stage designer
Sven Erga – Sound designer
Sven Erga – Composer