Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival

Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival - PIT – is among Norway’s leading theatre festivals. PIT is arranged every June by Grenland Friteater. In 1994 Grenland Friteater for the first time arranged a theatre festival under the name of En Sommernattsdrøm (A Summer Night’s Dream). Later the festival changed its name to Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival.


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Also known as PIT
Organization type Festival
Main focus Theatre, Circus, Multidisciplinary art, Puppetry
Established 1995
Email post@pitfestival.no
Website Porsgrunn Internasjonale Teaterfestival, Facebook, Porsgrunn Internasjonale Teaterfestival, Twitter, Porsgrunn Internasjonale Teaterfestival

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Address Huken 3 D, 3921 Porsgrunn, Norway
Email post@pitfestival.no

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Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival has increased its activity since the beginning. Festival manager Trond Hannemyr has emphasised a broad program from the start, including everything between experimental performing arts, new circus and grand outdoors performances. The program is characterised by innovation with communicating expressions. Eventually the festival street, with its jesters and street performances of different kinds, has become an important festival trademark.

Throughout the years a number of internationally acclaimed theatre companies have visited PIT. Teatr Gardzienice (PL), Cirkus Cirkör (S), Cirque Barock (F), Biuro Podrozy (PL), Teatr Pieśń Kozła (PL), Odin Teatret (DK), Les Arts Sauts (F), Transe Express (F), Circus Ronaldo (BE) and Yuyachkani (PE) can be mentioned.

Every year Grenland Friteater produces a grand production particularly for Porsgrunn International Festival;

Smugglers (1995 - 1998), The Imaginary Invalid (1999), Rough Trade (2000 - 2002), Peer Gynt (2003), Kurt Boils His Head (2006 - 2007), The Flight – Smugglers II (2008 - 2009), Bråta (2010).

PIT opens with a cobble stone ball in Rådhusplassen in Porsgrunn every year. In addition Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival has an academic schedule with workshops, lectures, seminars etc. Economically Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival is based on sponsors, public support and income from ticket sales.


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Own productions
Title Premiere
Recognition – March 27, 2008
Hans Petter Eliassen – Public Relations
Trond Hannemyr – Artistic director
Anette Röde Hagnell – Producer
Sindre Stølsdokken – Technical director