Neighbour-Neighbour by Bing og Bang Produksjoner is about Gudrun Bing and Gerd Bang, who are neighbours in the same high-rise in the suburb of Helsfyr, Oslo. Two very different souls, alone in each their apartment, during Christmas Eve itself. Bang is long and strict and to begin with, she thinks she manages just fine without any friend. Bing is kind and jolly and far more active in the search for someone to share coffee and cookies with.


(Objekt ID 2245)
Object type Production
Premiere 2002
Produced by Bing og Bang Produksjoner, Gorgon Productions
Audience Children (from 6 to 10)
Number of events 42
Keywords Theatre, Performance for children, Physical theatre, Clownery, Circus, Movie, Multidisciplinary, Multimedia
Running period 2002  
Website Gorgon Prouksjoner

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 6m
Maximum stage width 6m
Minimum stage depth 7m
Maximum stage depth 7m
Blackout Yes
Rigging time 120 minutes
Downrigging time 60 minutes
Audience 100

Neighbour-Neighbour by Bing og Bang Produksjoner is directed by the French theatre clown Meriem Menant, and the performance balance between the involuntary comedy of the clown and a surprising, beautiful aesthetic. The classical clown is put into a modern expression in which video animation, among other things, is being used. There is no conventional text and the performance bring along a silence contrasting the actors’ precise bodily rhythmic.

Neighbour-Neighbour is a different performance for children, in which the actors tell the story without using words.

Source: The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA,, 05.09.2010,

Contributors (9)
Name Role
Meriem Menant – Direction
Ebba Johansson – Costume design
Boya Bøckman – Video/Film
Peter Kristoffersen – Video/Film
Thomas Hildebrand – Sound
Kristin Hestad – Actor
Nina Ossavy – Actor
Nina Ossavy – Production manager
Marius Kolbenstvedt – Other
Performance dates
June 19, 2003 Show
June 18, 2003 Show
March 8, 2003 17:00 – Torshovteatret - Hovedsalen Show
March 7, 2003 18:00 – Torshovteatret - Hovedsalen Show
March 6, 2003 18:00 – Torshovteatret - Hovedsalen Show
2003 Show
2002 Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

"While the adults laughed at the aspects too advanced for the children, the kids yelled out and made loud suggestions by the situations rising when Bing repeatedly approached the sour Band in the neighbouring apartment. They have made a sweet, funny and charming story (...) Neighbour-Neighbour is a simple, but beautiful little story (...)"

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