The Parade & Celebration of Life

The Parade & Celebration of Life by Stella Polaris: A parade hits the streets like a wave, when Stella Polaris and the jesters arrive in The Parade. Accompanied by intense rhythms and exotic sounds the musicians, acrobats, fire artists, jugglers, stilt dancers and large fable creatures whirl forward in a dance of joy. Eventually the parade ends in the performance Celebration of Life, a jester performance filled with poetry, energy and warmth.


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Object type Production
Premiere 1997
Produced by Stella Polaris
Audience Families
Keywords Dance theatre, Puppetry, Fairytale, Physical theatre, Street parade, Street theatre, Contemporary circus, Circus, Theatre, Jester Theatre
Running period 1997  
Website Stella Polaris

Requirements to venue

Blackout No

In Celebration of Life by Stella Polaris the pace is wild and violent. Music is intense and engaging. Acrobats, jugglers, fire artists, fakirs and stilt dancers perform their arts in an explosion of colour and rhythm.

In Stella Polaris’ party performance the audience meets colourful masks, large animal figures, flags and use of fire – a in which life and joy are centred.


PIT,, 02.08.2010,

Stella Polaris,, 02.08.2010,

Performance dates
June 14, 2016Festivalgata i Porsgrunn New opening
October 20, 2013 16:00 – Main Street - Magyarlukafa New opening
May 2010Karl Johans gate, Oslo New opening
June 12, 2009 New opening
June 11, 2005 New opening
June 22, 2002 New opening
August 28, 1999Brekkeparken Show
1997 Worldwide premiere
Festivals (3)