Statsteatret is a Norwegian, independent theatre company, presenting Norwegian history through a series of ten productions.

The productions are 1066 - The Battle of Stamford Bridge (premiere in 2011) and 1349 - The Plague (premiere in 2012), 1537 - Danish Years! (premiere in 2013), 1814 - A Wild West Story from the Wild, Wild North (premiere in 2014), 1880 - America (premiere in 2015), 1930 - The Dictator (premiere in 2016), 1950 - The Spy (premiere in 2017), 1980 - Aker Brygge (premiere in 2018), 2010 - Lollywood (premiere in 2019) and 2066 - The Return of the King (premiere in 2022)

Yngve Sundvor is the artistic director of the company and the one who directs all productions. The other company members are Kim Sørensen, Cato Skimten Storengen, Gard B. Eidsvold and Per Kjerstad.

Statsteatret hires others when needed. For instance Marit Adeleide Andreassen was hired to play the pest bacteria Yersinia Pestis in 1349, Egil Keskitalo was hired to play the coastal Sami Ailo in 1814 - A Wild West Story from the Wild, Wild North and Linda Mathiesen was hired for the role of Hilda Hendriksen in 1930 - The Dictator.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Theatre company
Main focus Theatre
Established March 13, 2011
Website StatsTeatret, Facebookside: StatsTeatret

Contact information

Address Oslo, Norway
Telefon 916 28 083

Other information

Legal entity Non-profit organisation
Org nr. 996 680 398
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA

At the webpage of Statsteatret the following, among other things, is written about the idea behind the company, in a text written by Yngve Sundvor:

"Statsteatret wants with its project Norway 1066-2066 to 'rewrite' the story of Norway, and to bring it out to towns and villages for a large audience. Our first production was 1066 - The Battle of Stamford Bridge, and our last will be a future fable of Norway anno 2066. The plan is to create ten productions in ten years. We want to look for and compare past and present. What goes in a loop? Which are the past events, conflicts and person to have given our societal development direction? What has the official Norway, consciously or unconsciously, left out?

In any age the human will perceive his or her own generation as the modern and illuminated. Every generation probably considers itself the one to invent the gunpowder. Because we perceive ourselves as so very modern, and to strengthen our egos connected to 'the modern', it is fun to imagine our ancestors as humourless physical workers without thought for anything but rocks, earth, rocks, earth. This is an efficient way to keep history out of our lives. It is not interesting. The humans were not interesting. Science, illumination, internet, everything is for the better today. We have nothing to learn from the past. But just this eternal river, the history, that everybody is part of, can tell u show late human development moves on an internal level. And what goes in a loop.

We will get to important intersections of our history, illuminate them again in an unexpected, passionate manner, mix fact and fiction to, hopefully, find the answers to who we are and why we became like that. And not least; where will it lead us?"


Statsteatret won the Hedda Award 2021/2022 for special artistic achievement for the project "Norway 1066-2066".

In its statement, the jury noted that the project is "an idea and an achievement that is so dizzyingly ambitious that it appears, on paper, to be a theatrical impossibility. But the challenge of the impossible, in combination with an amazing “can-do” attitude, have given us magical experiences and quantum leaps of thought. The result is theatrical history."



The Hedda Award,, 28.06.2022,

Own productions (15)
Title Premiere
Drømmen om en hvit jul – Navember 14, 2023
Drømmen om en hvit jul – Navember 9, 2023
2066 - The Return of the King – 2022
1066 - The Battle of Stamford Bridge. Digital version – May 19, 2020
2010 - Lollywood – April 6, 2019
1980 - Aker Brygge – August 14, 2018
1980 - Aker Brygge – April 20, 2018
1950 - The Spy – April 3, 2017
1930 - The Dictator – April 15, 2016
1880 - America – April 24, 2015
1814 - A Wild West Story from the Wild, Wild North – April 16, 2015
1814 - A Wild West Story from the Wild, Wild North – April 24, 2014
1537 - Danish Years – April 23, 2013
1349 – 2012
1066 - The Battle of Stamford Bridge – May 26, 2011
Co-productions (1)
Title Premiere
1930 - The Dictator – April 15, 2016 – Statsteatret
Contributors (8)
Yngve Sundvor – Artistic director
Cato Skimten Storengen – Actor
Gard B. Eidsvold – Producer
Kim Sørensen – Actor
Per Kjerstad – Actor
Gard B. Eidsvold – Administrative head
Gard B. Eidsvold – Actor
Yngve Sundvor – Director