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1814 - A Wild West Story from the Wild, Wild North

1814 - A Wild West Story from the Wild, Wild North is a theatre production by Statsteatret, produced in 2014 in collaboration with Rogaland Theatre and The Norwegian National Sami Theatre Company Beaivváš.

Yngve Sundvor directed it, and also developed the script in collaboration with the performers.

The production is the fourth in Statsteatret's series of ten productions based on Norwegian history.


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Object type Production
Premiere April 24, 2014
Produced by Statsteatret
In collaboration with Rogaland Theatre, The National Sami Theatre
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre
Running period April 24, 2014  
Duration 1 hour, 15 minutes
Website StatsTeatret, Hålogaland Teater

At the webpage of Statsteatret the following, among other things, is written about 1814 - A Wild West Story from the Wild, Wild North:

"1814 has taken place and we more or less lords of our own mansions. After the Danish ruled the shop for centuries we stand safely on our own unstable feet. From Lindesnes in the south to - yes, there it is, Finmarken, this endless prairie, with all its rawness and heathenness. With all these native, wild Lapps who stand in the way of progress and our nation. Luckily we also had a solid contingency of stout, handsome cowboys who knew how to handle that kind of Indians.

Meet the Governor, who is the Law of this godless place. You also meet his friend, the Lappologist, Mister Keyser, who, when he is not busy measuring skulls, is a very nice associate indeed. Further you meet Pedersen, who manages the local saloon. Pedersen is a former Sami, but you ought not to mention that in his presence, if you are fond of your life.

Riding in from the left is the criminal John. He has been exiled by the government to a life on the plateau, as part of the colonisation project of the Norwegian state. John is quick with the revolver, but pretty slow in an intellectual sense.

And then there is Ailo. A simple Coast Sami who one day has had enough. Very enough."


Statsteatret, 23.04.2014, http://statsteatret.no/forestillinger/1814-en-western-fra-vidda/

Import from the Scenekunst.no list of openings 27.02.2014

The Arctic Theatre, halogalandteater.no, 18.08.2017, http://halogalandteater.no/produksjon/2014/statsteatret-1814-en-western-fra-vidda

Contributors (8)
Name Role
Yngve Sundvor – Script (i samarbeid med ensemblet)
Yngve Sundvor – Direction
Morten Kjerstad – Dramaturge
Gard B. Eidsvold – Actor
Egil Keskitalo – Actor
Per Kjerstad – Actor
Cato Skimten Storengen – Actor
Kim Sørensen – Actor
Performance dates
Navember 6, 2016Hovedscenen – Show
October 22, 2016Oslo Nye Trikkestallen – Show
April 16, 2015Thon Hotel Kautokeino – New opening
May 23, 2014Scene 3 (tidligere Prøvesalen) – visiting performance
May 22, 2014Scene 3 (tidligere Prøvesalen) – visiting performance
May 21, 2014Scene 3 (tidligere Prøvesalen) – visiting performance
May 20, 2014Scene 3 (tidligere Prøvesalen) – visiting performance
April 24, 2014 19:00 – Teaterhallen (Turnhallen) – Worldwide premiere