TanGhost by POS Theatre Company is a fusion of Ibsen's classical text of Ghosts, world renowned tango-dancer Pablo Veron, new original music by Sverre Indris Joner, video art, and supreme actors from Norway – Henrik Ibsen's homeland – all is a very unusual combination, but nevertheless an exciting one.

Ibsen's Ghosts is filled with lonely people, unable to fulfil their dreams, trapped in their traditions. It is the perfect setup for bringing Pablo Veron and tango into the play. Tango is described as a dance in which two lonely people meet, and dance out their loneliness.


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Object type Production
Premiere June 12, 2004
Produced by
Coproducers The National Theatre
Based on Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Subtitles English
Keywords Dance theatre, Movie, Physical theatre, Theatre, Tango, Multimedia
Running period June 12, 2004  —  October 21, 2006
Website POS Theatre Company

Requirements to venue

Blackout No

Tanghost by POS Theatre Company is a project in which a new generation of directors, designers and performers combine their talents in dance, music, video and scenography with texts of classical plays into a uniquely new theatrical fabric.

The Argentine tango star Pablo Veron, known from the movie The Tango Lesson, directed by Sally Potter, is an actor in the production as well as its choreographer. Interpreting the role of Ms. Alving's dead husband, Mr. Veron adds another character to the original five written by Ibsen.

The visual concept of the production is a combination of imaginative lighting, video art and animation and Dobrusky’s simple, yet magical scenography. TanGhost is filled with Sverre Indris Joner’s new original tangoesque music, with obvious links to modern beats of hip hop and Nordic sound of jazz.

TanGhost is a stage fairy tale of Henrik Ibsen’s chilling psychology, tango tension, supreme dancing with Pablo Veron in the lead, superb actors of The National Theatre of Norway, exciting music, compelling visual elements– all navigated by director Per-Olav Sørensen.


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Festivals (6)
Asian Contemporary Arts Festival September 11, 2006
Beijing Ibsen Festival September 6, 2006
The Ibsen Festival August 31, 2004
Vestfold Festspillene July 2, 2004
Momentum June 19, 2004
Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival June 15, 2004
Press coverage


"Ibsen’s torpedo only needed new combustible material. Ignition – and material – this fabulous ensemble has to make it boil rightly."


"This is sensual stage art about men and women trapped in prejudice, convention, reluctance from reality and cowardice (...) TanGhost is an intense and distressing performance"


"TanGhost is an experimental and expressive performance, getting under the skin of the merciless drama about reticence, lies and the ghosts from the past. In a modern and rhythmic frame of dance, music, light and sound effects the life-lie of the play step forward with its denial material, clear as glass."