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Forestillingsprogram for Teater Jokers produksjon Peer på en pall (2012) - Ibsenfestivalen pdf September 6, 2012 Download
Sesongmagasin for Nationaltheatret høsten 2016 pdf August 2016 Download
Sesongprogram for Nationaltheatret høst 2016. pdf August 2016 Download

The Ibsen Festival

The Ibsen Festival is a biennial arranged by The National Theatre of Norway.

The Ibsen Festival is also referred to as The International Ibsen Festival. (In Norwegian: Ibsenfestivalen and Den internasjonale Ibsenfestivalen.)


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Object type Organization
Also known as Ibsenfestivalen, The International Ibsen Festival
Organization type Festival
Main focus Theatre
Established 1990

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Address Oslo, Norway

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Legal entity Other
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