tg STAN (Toneelspelersgezelschap STAN) is an actor-based Belgian theatre company. The company was founded by Jolente De Keersmaeker, Damiaan De Schrijver, Waas Gramser and Frank Vercruyssen in 1989 when they had all graduated from The Antwerp Conservatoire.

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Object type Organization
Also known as STAN
Organization type Theatre company, Artist company
Main focus Theatre
Established January 1, 1989
Website tg STAN

Contact information

Address Hessenplein 2, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
Telefon tel +32 3 2271381

Other information

Legal entity Other

The four actors of tg STAN had no wish to be members of any existing company, but chose to start one of their own. In other companies they meant to find an exclusive emphasis on aesthetic expression, formal experiments and besides (all too) authoritarian directors. Because of this tg STAN became a company for which the actor and the art of acting have been the focal point.

One of the actors, Waas Gramser, chose to leave the company and was eventually replaced by Sara De Roo. The stage designer Thomas Walgrave also became a regular member of tg STAN.

On the webpage of Black Box Teaters tg STAN is presented as follows:

"Two keywords characterise tg STAN: actor-oriented and undogmatic. The undogmatic aspect is reflected through the company name - S(top) T(hinking) A(bout) N(ames) as well as the repertoire. The company works with a wide range of texts, all based on social criticism. Cocteau and Anouilh stand side by side with Chekhov.

Thomas Bernhard is equated to Ibsen and comedies by Wilde or Shaw stand side by side with essays by Diderot. This range doesn't reflect a wish to present something to every taste, but rather a well-considered, purposeful attitude towards the repertoire.

For tg STAN the actor is key. The company works without a director, a strong notion they refuse to compromise. Perhaps this is the reason their best work make such a powerful unit. The actors' joy in working makes the productions sparkle, while communicating social and political points without moralising.

tg STAN was established in Antwerp in 1989 and throughout the first half of the 1990es it gained the position as one of Belgium's most recognised theatre companies, a status the company still possesses."

tg STAN regularly collaborates with other companies, including Maatschappij Discordia (NL), Dood Paard (NL), Compagnie de Koe (B) and Rosas (B).


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Frank Vercruyssen – Actor
Jolente De Keersmaeker – Actor
Damiaan De Schrijver – Actor
Sara De Roo – Actor
Raf De Clercq – Technician
Tim Wouters – Technician
Thomas Walgrave – Stage designer
Kristin Van der Weken – Administrative head
Renhild Van Bavel – Administrative head
Kathleen Treier – Other
Ann Selhorst – Public Relations
Joachim Menke – Other